BlackHOLE Green Waste Disposal


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Eco Waste Disposal System.

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BlackHOLE = Green

Integrated green solution.



Advanced plasma technology - BlackHOLE runs on waste and air!


Low budget

Low running costs and modular.

What is it

BlackHOLE is an ECO Waste Disposal System

The BlackHOLE® decomposes - in the range of 1/200 - 1/300 times the input volume - a variety of solid waste: municipal, food, PET, BUTYL, E-waste, paper, plastics, rubber and medical waste.

Because the applied 'Programmed Oxygenated Plasmic State' (POPS) technology only requires ambient air, no electricity or fuel is required to run the installation.

The ash can be processed into high-quality cement, for example. The sludge is very suitable for making e.g. bio-oil / fuel.

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How it works

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